LSE07 R Gamble – Teeth Like Foil EP

4 slabs of distortion-laced acid, electro and techno from LSE founder R Gamble. Featuring an excellent remix by Diagonal / Spectrum Spools affiliate Prostitutes. Cover artwork by Jenna Westra. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann. Available in 12″ vinyl May 2016, limited to 300 copies.

Digital and physical copies available on our Bandcamp:


LSE06 Drooids – Untitled EP

A sort of “Cabaret Voltaire for the iPhone age,” DROOIDS are a collective of three multimedia artists who produce electronic music using improvisational, often anarchic methods. Using a hodgepodge of gear both old and new and not-wholly-quantized, they create a collage of sounds that verges on chaos before slipping back into a dark yet club-oriented beat. Their live shows usually feature multiple guest collaborators, costumes, sculptural props and performative antics. For their debut release on LSE we tried to capture the spirit of these shows and recorded over 11 hours of DROOIDS improvising live in the studio of the course of one week. Those 11 sprawling hours then got edited down to these 4 snapshots, mastered and pressed in a limited edition of 200 (40 with original gelatin silver prints) for our 6th vinyl release.

LSE05_A (1)LSE05_B (1)


LSE05 Blacklauren – The Observer of Omens

A suite of four floor-ready cuts comprise this solo EP by one half of warehouse DJ duo The Long Count Cycle. Rhythmically austere and hauntingly atmospheric, each track follows its own complex logic of interlocking parts, giving the illusion of being both static and in constant churning motion.

Pressed in a limited vinyl edition of 300.


LSE04 Heartbloc / Bosco Clowes – Mirage / Suffocation

Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-raised young producer Heartbloc provides the standout A1 cut “Mirage.” Out of a dense forest of percussion emerges a shimmering, refracted melody, turning endlessly inward upon itself, snaking out of sight and just as suddenly reappearing.

On the B side is R Gamble’s remix of Long Island-based artist Bosco Clowes’ “Suffocation.” It’s a gritty, propulsive, warehouse-ready techno interpretation of the original, which comes next – a rumbling, dubbed out spacescape painted in rought textures and bouncy rhythms.

Pressed in a limited vinyl edition of 300.


LSE03 J Slusher – Hidden City

Lost Soul Enterprises present Hidden City, their third 12” and first single-artist EP.

These four tracks by Brooklyn native J Slusher, made in collaboration with fellow artists in the borough’s thriving underground techno scene, are dark, menacing excursions into after hours territory. His previous experimental work under various monikers (Opponents, Privilege, Unstable Systems) informs a uniquely uncompromising take on club music.

Slusher takes a stripped-down, industrial approach to percussion and populates it with otherworldly vocal snippets and growling synths. The result is hypnotic, evoking the severe moods and disused spaces so vital to the secret nightlife of the city.

Vinyl limited to 300 copies.
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Lost Soul Enterprises Untitled EP #2

Various artists compilation showcasing the label’s stylistic range. 12″ vinyl only, 300 copies, hand-silkscreened jacket.

On the A side: sultry, spooky strings & slowly modulating vocal hooks haunted by distant percussion in Jackson Lee’s “Get So High”  are followed by the booming machine sounds and reverb-soaked pianos of R Gamble’s “Switch and Ditch.” On the B side, Personator’s slow-churning acid workout “No Decay” is paired with “Window Washer,” Heartbloc’s introspective, intricately woven portrait in melodic techno.






Lost Soul Enterprises 12″ vinyl. Four original house/techno bangers from the creators of Lost Soul Enterprises. Limited to 300 copies.




Nascent Magma Far Flung

Hand printed blacklight velvet poster by Benny Merris + Mike Welsh, with silkscreened portfolio and accompanying cassette featuring eroded soundscapes by Byzantine. Each print unique. Edition of 80.



Steve Cossman: Three New Works

Lush video collages by acclaimed NYC moving image artist Steve Cossman. Soundtrack by LSE-affiliated artists Sycorax, the Siege, and R Gamble.

DVD with hand crafted packaging.